Proxy Voting

Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Cincinnati Financial Corporation 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held in a virtual-only format. Preregistered shareholders will receive a confirmation email with your unique link and password to join the meeting.

Shareholders will be able to listen, vote and submit questions during the virtual meeting by following the instructions that will be available on the virtual meeting website during the meeting. Read our Rules of Conduct and Procedures for more information.

We encourage shareholders to vote your shares on matters of business to come before the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 8, 2021. To vote, you need the Control Number(s) from your proxy card or Notice.

You have the opportunity to view our shareholder communications:
How do I vote?

If you are a Shareholder of Record who owns shares directly in your name, you may vote your shares in one of the following ways:
  • By telephone. You may vote your shares by calling 1-866-804-9616.
  • Over the internet at You will need to have your Control Number available when you access the website. Your Control Number is on the Notice or proxy card that you received in the mail.
  • By scanning the QR code on your proxy card or Notice with your mobile device. The QR code on your proxy card or Notice is a unique identifier so you will not need to enter a Control Number. If you scan the QR code with your mobile device, you will access our proxy materials along with a voting screen.
  • By mail. If you received printed proxy materials, you may submit your vote by completing, signing and dating each proxy card received and returning it in the prepaid envelope. Sign your name exactly as it appears on the proxy card. Be sure to return your proxy card in time to be received and counted before the Annual Meeting.
  • During the Annual Meeting. Once polls are open during the meeting, please visit to vote your shares. You will need your Control Number to vote your shares. Please read our Meeting FAQ for more information about voting during the 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Even if you plan to attend the Annual Meeting, we recommend that you also submit your proxy card or voting instructions, vote by telephone or via the internet by the applicable deadline so that your vote will be counted if you later decide not to attend the meeting.

If you vote by telephone or via the internet at or by scanning the QR code with your mobile device, you do not need to return a proxy card by mail. Voting electronically or by telephone is convenient, reduces the use of natural resources and saves significant postage and processing costs. Your vote is also recorded immediately and there is no risk that postal delays could cause your vote to arrive late and therefore not be counted.

If you are a Beneficial Shareholder who owns shares indirectly through a bank, broker or other nominee, please follow the instructions that you receive from the broker or other nominee holding your shares. Beneficial Shareholders include current and former company associates who hold shares in the Cincinnati Financial Corporation 401(k) Savings Plan. The availability of telephone and internet voting will depend on the voting process of your broker or nominee. Shares held beneficially may be voted during the Annual Meeting only if you obtain a legal proxy from your broker or nominee giving you the right to vote the shares and email it to

What is the voting deadline?

The deadline for online and telephone voting is 11:59 p.m. ET on May 7, 2021. Shareholders who hold CINF stock in the CFC 401(k) Savings Plan should vote by 11:59 p.m., ET, May 4, 2021, to allow the plan administrator time to vote as you direct prior to the meeting. Other beneficial shareholders should follow the instructions from your broker or other nominee holding your shares. If you choose to vote by mail, be sure to return your proxy card in time to be received and counted before the Annual Meeting.

Contact us with questions by phone at 513-870-2639 or by email at To request materials free of charge, please call 877-777-2857.
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