Electronic Delivery

Shareholders may choose to enroll in an electronic delivery program and receive email notifications from Cincinnati Financial instead of paper copies of financial reports, proxy statements, proxy ballots and other information.

When you enroll in electronic delivery, you give your consent to stop receiving paper mailings, which saves the expense of mailings and assures you receive requested information more quickly than standard mailing. You can change your consent for electronic delivery at any time.

Registered shareholders who own shares directly in your name and have set up an online shareholder account with our transfer agent, Equiniti Trust Company, may sign into your account on EQ Shareowner Online and select the eDelivery option. If you have not set up an online account with EQ, please contact them by phone  866-638-6443 or online, shareowneronline.com

Beneficial shareholders who own shares indirectly through a broker or financial institution should follow electronic delivery instructions provided by your broker or financial institution, or contact them directly to request electronic delivery.

Note: To stop all paper mailings, shareholders with multiple accounts must enroll each account separately, including joint tenant and custodian accounts. Depending upon how you hold your shares, you may need to enroll for electronic delivery as both a beneficial owner and registered owner.

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If you are a shareholder, consider enrolling in Electronic Delivery. You will receive email alerts instead of paper mailings, saving your company's dollars.
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